Friday, 24 April 2009

A Few Excerpts.


Here are some tiny snippets from the script we intend on shooting come July 1st.

Part of a scene where the main character (Jack) runs into his ex-girlfriend and her new cooler musician boyfriend:

Here Jack hides in the bushes with his best friend Pete who's not so keen on the idea:

You can't really tell much from the above but it gives you a little insight in what we're trying to do and you get a few punch lines.


Today we are posting for crew via Shooting People. It's £30 to sign up so it better be worth it! I'll probably post the ad here just for keep sakes and future reference. Getting a Cinematographer and a Sound Man to work for free for 20+ days might prove difficult...


Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I'm a terrible blogger

But in the time I've not blogged I've written a feature length screenplay. *applause*

Well not quite, I'm 5 pages away from the FADE TO BLACK

It's been a quick write, I wrote 25 pages in two days which is probably the quickest I've written on anything.


On one of my pessimistic screenwriter days I thought to myself "This is actually what I want to do, what happens if I don't make it" - This instantly created a character, based on me, about ten years older who hasn't 'made it'. I knew it had dramatic elements but also had a lot of room for comedy.

How the writing partnership worked

I don't really like the idea of writing with someone else and I hadn't so it was a new experience but I've found it really encouraging and I suppose it's a step to becoming a better screenwriter.

Taking criticism, brainstorming, deciding if scenes work or not and the general back and forth of the process is an eye opener. I think writers arrogantly want to do it all them self and it's not always the best way. With this I was stuck on page 40 and had hit a wall, there I brought in Paul and the next 20 or so pages seemed to flow pretty well.

I might post an excerpt from the script in the next few days, don't hold your breathe though, look at the title of this blog :S