Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Last Time We Spoke...

Was a very long while ago but here are a few updates.

First off:

I didn't make the Final 10 of the Peter Ustinov Competition.

Now I don't actually know what that means because: Is that a positive or a negative? I didn't make the Final 10 could be good because I'm nearly there but not quite - but then in the same instance I could have been binned with a thousand other hopefuls and they've sent us the same e-mail to keep our hopes up.

"Sorry, you didn't make the final 10"

They did however offer feedback and I thought what's the worst they can say and maybe I'll learn from it. I was wrong, the feedback was terrible and just made me question the competition -- I'm not bitter, here is the feedback:

“The story is good, but it launches late, it is not clear who's story it is, the characters are believable, it does not sound origional but it is done differently, there is clear visual realization”

Yes, the woman who is in charge of communications for a Screenwriting competition has poor spelling and grammar. I'm annoyed I'm writing like this because it sounds like I'm pissy, when I'm not, I just feel like getting this off my chest.

So let's kick on,

The story is good, but it launches late

Page 3 is too late? Because that's when mine starts.

it is not clear who's story it is

It's a family drama, it's about the family.

the characters are believable, it does not sound origional but it is done differently

I actually take this bit as a compliment.

there is clear visual realization

Thank you.

Enough about that, the Ustinov competition, I didn't make the grade.

Young Writer's Programme at Everyman Theatre

I got to the interview stage which was pretty cool, went and had a snoop round at the theatre and to be honest, thought I got the gig - Which would have meant 6 months of workshops, meeting writers like Jimmy Mcgovern and making contacts. It wasn't to be.

However they now know my name so I'm going to send a play in soon and a full-length one in January (That is when the people who got on the programme are supposed to hand in their full-length plays)

Setups and Payoffs.

I'm starting to become obsessed with this device in screenplays. It's such a cool technique and I've got to start using it more.

I'm not going to patronise you by explaining what they are but they are used a few times in Casablanca, The Office (U.K) (when Tim gives Dawn the drawing she did of him) and in a screenplay I read the other day by Max Winkler where he kind of did an amalgamation of the above two but I've got to say, he pulled it off.

So use Setups and Payoffs - You'll look like a Pro.